Lord, spare me the pomp and the circumstance,

Lest I color your gifts and good faith lose my glance

In the duty, the song or the happenstance

Come upon me instead of your love.

For I am but a vessel too earthy

And my motive too often unworthy

Needing all and then more, just Your mercy

To accomplish the simplest of tasks.

Look me then as a creature most lowly;

Take all visions of higher or holy;

Let me see what is passing more slowly,

To find in us Your heavenly Grace.

2011.02.02. ©


                      ONE © 

Pray, Abba, Father.

Pray, Brother, Jesus

Pray, Paraklitus

Our comfort to cope.

God of creation,

Word of the same,

Son and salvation

In love for us came.

Spirit, the challenge.

Holy and Ghost.

Pure inspiration

Beyond us the most.

Pray mother, Mary.

Pray Holy Angels.

Pray Saints in heaven

Our help and our hope.

Pray for the suffering.

Pray for the fight.

Pray the triumphant,

We all share the Light.

Born worldly spirit,

Life but a breath,

End in a heartbeat,

Dust unto death.

Holy communion,

Reunion again.

All one thanksgiving

With praise the refrain.

2011.02-06.2300.10f ©


          Prayer Informal and Imperfect ©

I am sorry I am much too informal today

As I try my self to engage and to pray.

At Your feet then my sins and defects I must lay

That we each may be sated in time.

I thank You for all blessings seen and unseen.

I praise You for all wonders to come and have been

And I ask that ere long from my weakness You’d wean

This poor man (woman) in his (her) struggle and strife.

Because in all things in the greater their scheme

We must work as one, both alone and a team

To share all the fare, both the fat and the lean

That is found human, imperfect life.

2011.02.14.0700 ©

Psalm 19: 10-15 (Psalmus 18)