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07.03 Matins

Pss 104

Verse 42
He remembered His sacred promise to Abraham, His servant.

Psm 105

Pss 105

Our confession of our sin.

Delineation of list

Psm 106

Pss 106

Verse 43 
Who is wise enough to observe these things and to understand the favors of the Lord?

Psm 107

07.06 Lauds

Pss 149

Two edged-swords.

Psm 149

Pss 91

Verse 15
The just shall bear fruit even in old age.

Psm 92

Pss 63

Verse 07
Deep are the thoughts of each heart.

Jeremiah 17:9

Psm 64

Pss 150


Psm 150

07.07 Prime

Pss 93

Verse 09
Shall He who formed the eye, not see?

Verse 17
If the Lord were not my help, I would long have been silent in the grave.

Psm 94

Pss 107

Verse 06-07
Exaltare super caelos, Deus, et super omnem terram, Gloria tua, ut liberentur dilecti tui.

Verse 13
Give us aid against the foe, for worthless is the help of men.

Psm 108

07.09 Terce

Pss 101

Verse 1
The prayer of the pauper, when he was anxious, and so he poured out his petition in the sight of the Lord.

Penitential Psalm 5

Psm 102

07.12 Sext

Pss 103

Verse 27-35

All expect you to give them food in due time.

What you give to them, they will gather. When you open your hand, they will all be filled with goodness. But if you turn your face away, they will be disturbed. You will take away their breath, and they will fail, and they will return to their dust. You will send forth your Spirit, and they will be created and you will renew the face of the earth.

Psm 104

07.15 None

Pss 108

Verse 27
Make them know this is Your hand, that You, Lord, have done this.

Psm 109

07.18 Vespers

Pss 143

Verse 03
Lord, what is man that you notice him? the son of man that you take thought of him?

Psm 144

Pss 144

Verse 10
Let all your works give you thanks, Lord; let your faithful ones bless you.

Verse 14
The Lord lifts up all who have fallen down, and He sets upright all who have been thrown down.

Psm 145

07.21 Compline

Pss 87

Verse 19
Everyone you have taken from me, my only friend is darkness.

Verse 19
Friend and neighbor, and my acquaintances, You have sent far away from me, away from misery.

Psm 88

Pss 102

Verse 02
Bless the Lord, O my soul, forget not all His benefits.

Psm 103

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