I will praise the name of God with a canticle,

And I will magnify him with praise.

(Psalm 69:31)

Laudabo nomen Dei cum cantico:

Et magnificabo eum in laude.

(Pss 68:31)




Zechariah's Canticle*Benedictus*Luke 1:68-79

*Benedictus* Text

*Benedictus* Sung Eng+Text

*Benedictus* Chanted Eng


Old Testament Canticles (Lauds1)

Sunday Daniel 3:57

Monday 1Chronicles 29:10

Tuesday Tobit 13:1

Wednesday Judith 16:15

Thursday Jeremiah 31:10

Friday Isaiah 45:15

Saturday Sirach 36


Old Testament Canticles (Lauds2)

                  (Advent, Lent)

Sunday Daniel 3:57

Monday Isaiah 12:1

Tuesday Isaiah 38:10

Wednesday 1Kings 2:1

Thursday Exodus 15:1

Friday Habakkuk 3

Saturday Deuteronomy 32:1


Mary's Canticle*Magnificat*Luke 1:46-55

Magnificat Sung English

Magnificat Text Latin/English

Magnificat Sung Latin with Text

Magnificat Sung Italian with Text


Simeon's Canticle*Luke 2:29-32

Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis + Translation




St. Francis' Canticle of Creation





Hymns Matins

Hymns Sunday

Hymns of Breviary